Easy & Temporary Garland

I think it’s no secret that I adore the now-discontinued Wonderland line of fabric by Momo.  When I heard it was going out of print, I bought some yardage and a layer cake, both of which have been sitting on my shelf for over a year now because I’m too indecisive to use them.

Finally I decided I may as well get to look at all the lovely prints, so I used my layer cake to make this fun & easy garland.  After my complicated 3 day hat tutorial, I decided this was just the thing to counteract all that math and ease us into the weekend.

Now pay attention, because it’s really complicated.  Grab a layer cake.  Fold your square in half, so it makes a triangle.  Knot the ends of the triangle together with another one.  You still with me?  Keep doing that.  You’re done.

This way I can see all that loveliness whenever I want, all strung up around my craft room.  And with no cuts or seams, I haven’t committed to anything.  Though I’m fairly certain that when I do work up the gall to sew this fabric, I’m going to straight up copy this:

{photo and quilt courtesy of the amazing Ashley of Film in the Fridge, who has had the temerity to make something like 7 quilts with this fabric!}

Why mess with perfection?


  1. says

    Oh, fabulous and quick…my kind of project. I may have to steal this idea for my youngest daughter’s birthday party next weekend. The kiddos will enjoy working on the project together.

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