Cutest Confetti Soap Tutorial

crafterhours confetti soaps

I love adorable soaps as gifts for friends big and small! This simple confetti soap is sweet and fun and so easy to put together. I love useful gifts – EEEEEVERYBODY washes their hands, right? It’s a worthwhile activity to encourage, so let’s do it! Glycerine is easy to source and melts easily, so it… 

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Slipcover Your Dress Form: A Tutorial

crafterhours dress form slipcover skin adjustable

Years ago I bought a dress form. If you’re sewing for yourself, a dress form is essential. I mean, unless you like trying to apply and remove a garment from your body repeatedly and suffering pin injuries like a human voodoo doll. There are lots of ways to make one that fits you perfectly. I… 

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Twill Tape Tote with Made With Moxie

This week we’re changing things up a bit on the blog. There are a few readers who’ve been with us since allllmost the very beginning who might remember Twill Tape Week. Twill Tape Week was/is sponsored by Twill Tape Guy who runs and has been a long-time sponsor of ours. We’re bringing it back… 

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How To Create an Image Map (for free!)

crafterhours image map DIY 3

Bloggers sometimes use image maps to create graphics for readers  to click-through to social media or to other blogs. If you’re one of our non-blogging crafty readers, I hope you’ll just ignore the obnoxiousness of this techie post, because *I* need it. By tomorrow I’m going to forget how I did this and come back… 

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Simple Stenciled Gift Tags

crafterhours a martha stewart holiday supplies

Yesterday I shed some light on stencil abuse and how you can help end it. Today I’m putting stencil skills to good use in a simple stenciled gift tag project with supplies from Martha Stewart Crafts. I love a handmade touch on gift wrap. Nothing crazy, just a little something. A handmade gift is even… 

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Stencil Abuse: Are You Guilty?

Crafterhours a Martha Stewart Holiday Tutorial02

I’m finally sharing something that’s been on my mind for forever. I see it daily and I can’t stay quiet any longer. There are countless stencil abusers in the world, and maybe I can make a difference. Maybe I can help save one project from a ragged finish. Today I will share what stencil abuse… 

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Mom Rocks! A Tutorial

Do your kids love to bring you treasures too? Depending on what we’ve been reading, discussing or watching lately, the girls will bring me flowers (or weeds) and bugs and worms and leaves and rocks. The rocks get all sorts of fun descriptions – they’ll call them “magic crystals” or “gemstones” or “special rocks”. They’re… 

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Ruffled Bath Tissue: A Tutorial

This might be my favorite time of year. So much newness everywhere. A blank canvas all around. Fresh air and lots of sunshine. All of a sudden anything feels possible.  Simple things like travel feel easier. Less to pack, less to worry about in transit. We always have a springtime run of guests and each… 

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Bracelet Strap Tutorial

So there’s this contest… and I’ve entered. Kollabora is a new craft tutorial site and store where anyone can create a step-by-step tutorial. Having just completed my first project, I can say that there’s a bit of a learning curve, but I’m happy with the results. If you’re interested in creating and sharing tutorials without… 

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Tacky With Taste: Quick, Cute Gift Decor

There are a lot of options for sticking things together. It sounds simple enough, but there are very specific uses for a lot of sticky things. Have you been on the glue aisle of a big box store? Too many options, really.  Most folks are familiar with school glue. It’s great because it’s water based,… 

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No Sew Tee to Tank

Last year we worked with Jen from Upcycled Education to post about the original tee to tank. The project is the perfect storm for crafting – it’s quick, uses materials most of us have on-hand, and it’s simple to get great results. We’ve gotten a lot of comments and questions, I thought I’d cover some of… 

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Wall of Shame No More

You probably know that you can upload an image and have it printed on canvas. Did you know that you can choose to print on canvas that isn’t then stretched on a frame and it’s considerably less expensive? I’ll show you how I used rolled Uprinting canvas prints to put an end to my wall… 

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Styled by Tori – Easy DIY Jewelry

Did you know that Tori Spelling and I are BFF’s? Well, practically. Her dressmaker/celebrity tailor is a long-time friend of my BFF. So we’re practically sisters. And now that Skirt Week has wrapped up it’s finally time to share an instant gratification project I’ve been working on. Waaay faster than sewing prize-winning skirts. Or in… 

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Skirt Week Spoonflower Style: A Union Jacked Tutorial

I posted yesterday about Spoonflower’s skirts – Kim showed us a number of skirts made by Spoonflower employees and some favorite prints. I think I’ve well established my love of Spoonflower – I’ve hosted swaps which lead to curating sets which lead to printing alphabet labels. When a spot in our Skirt Week tutorial schedule opened… 

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