Friday Fiver: Made by Rae!


You know her, you love her, she needs no introduction – today’sFriday Fiver is brought to you by the lovely and talented Rae!  Rae is offering up her Toddler Backpack Pattern for all your back to school needs. It comes standard in a toddler size, but this pattern also includes instructions to enlarge it for… 

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Open Wide Zipper Pouches

(alternately titled: Open Wide Zipper Pouches, and How Much I Suck at Making Open Wide Zipper Pouches) I have 3 good friends all having birthdays within a month, so I went on the hunt for something fun and cute and most importantly EASY to make for all of them and knock all the presents out… 

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Farmers Market Farewell Bags

We live a transient life right now, so Susan isn’t the only person I had to say goodbye to recently.  Christy is another great friend who also really helped me adjust to life here, prepared me for the experience of giving birth here, and let my daughter crash her in-home preschool a few times.  She… 

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