Finally Time to Hash out Hosh Pants

crafterhours kcw hosh pants-5

Since my first sighting of Emmy in Hosh Pants I’ve known I haaaaad to make them. I’ve finally checked that box. And they were so quick and fun that I’m dying to make more. 3 pattern pieces. 6 pieces of fabric. Done. I like fast sewing. These are made with a red lace print stretch… 

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It’s Summer KCW!


Did you guys know this week is summer Kids Clothes Week?  Because it is.  And you should join in!  The new KCW website is up and running and already full of tutorials and projects.  Lots of your favorite bloggers have been working really hard behind the scenes to add content to the site and make… 

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KCW: My Meager Contribution

 I feel like a turd for not doing much for KCW this time around.  My excuses are plentiful and varied and I’ll highlight them here so you can choose your favorite combo: – got sick- didn’t plan ahead due to visitors and fantastic beach vacation- in the final stage to finally finalize my next pattern…. 

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KCW: Doli Tank + Field Study Linen


When I ripped open this package at the bus stop last week while waiting for K to arrive, I already had plans for my new Field Study Linen. But K had plans too. With about 3 seconds of thought she demanded her own Doli Tank made out of the feather print. Given that I looooove… 

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KCWC Day 7: Aaand Scene.

Here’s my finished Junebug dress! Ok ok, I’m glad I made it.  Thanks for the push, ladies.  As I suspected, this is one of my favorite things from this week.  It’s tied with my three cardis, the pjs, the baby rompers, and the balloon dress…  You guys were right yesterday – I made it with… 

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KCWC Day 4: Battle of the Sexes

Oh gosh I loved this day.  I think these two are my favorite Greenpoint Cardigans so far.  I’m not a super girly girl, but I can’t get enough of those floral appliques and pink trim.  I would say it’s my favorite, but then there’s that navy and gray and the anchor and the elbow patches…let’s… 

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KCWC Day 3: Romperific

Yesterday was the day of the knit romper for the bubbie.  I had this idea and I just kind of started cutting (hint: never a good idea) and you’ll be shocked to discover that my first attempt turned out both too wide and too short. I was able to take the side seams in, but… 

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KCWC Day 2: Electric Boogaloo

While I’d love for everything around here to be charcoal linen and nani iro polka dots, the fact is that I’ve got really opinionated kids.  And their opinion is that rainbow stretch knit is the bestest thing evar.  So, in an effort to get them to actually wear what I make, I’ve compromised my beliefs. … 

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KCWC Day 1: Color Blocked Cardi

KCWC Day Numero Uno is a color-blocked Greenpoint Cardigan!  I’ve had this version on my mind since I decided to do a cardigan pattern.  Somehow it was better in my head, where I was envisioning a more subtle ‘ombre’ look (please pronounce ‘ombre’ in the voice of Antonio Bandaras, as I intended).  But I just… 

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