Shabby Apple Dress Winner!

If your comment looked like this: and because picked this: You are a winner!!!   Yay Crystal!  We’ll be contacting you so you can hurry up and get your brand new Azure Coast dress!  And then wait a few months to wear it as I see you’re expecting a blessed event.  But, you know,… 

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Crafty Bits: Las Vegas

I know, I know. It’s been a while since we’ve done a “Crafty Bits” post, and I’m starting it up again with Las Vegas? Las Vegas was not on any of my recent must-see travel lists. I’ve been there and done that before kids, and since having them I haven’t had a burning desire to… 

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Shabby Apple Giveaway!!! (Now Closed)

Happy Monday everyone!!  If you’re not sharing that sentiment, we’ve got something that might cheer you up.  How about a FREE dress from Shabby Apple?? We’ve been long-time fans of Shabby Apple because of all their unique and versatile women’s dresses and of course their adorable line for little girls too.  But our favorite feature… 

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Instant Art Gallery


Since K started preschool in the fall, we’ve had artwork taped onto walls and windows pretty randomly. Renovating the kitchen meant that proper display of art was low on my priority list and K was perfectly happy with things willy-nilly. Now that the major work is done and we’re finishing the paint and detail stuff,… 

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5 on Friday with C.R.A.F.T.!

Hey, thought you knew everything there was to know about us?  Wish you didn’t?  Then don’t go to C.R.A.F.T. today,  because Jamie is featuring us today in her “5 on Friday”.  It is what it sounds like: us rambling on about ourselves in response to 5 questions.  On Friday. If you’re new there, take a… 

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It’s Pink-tacular


A very sweet friend of mine who has two boys just had a little baby girl.  She was so certain it was going to be a third boy that she didn’t even find out what she was having.  But she was wrong!!  And very glad about it too.   So, though I usually try to… 

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All-In-One Facings: Take 2

After my previous tutorial for all-in-one facings, Amanda from Kitschy Coo commented and said she had another way of doing it.  I was very excited because a) I’m a long time follower of her blog and a big fan and b) it took me long enough to figure out how to do it my way… 

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A Serger with No Knives? Meet the Cover Hem


You may remember this post I wrote in November. Knives! Scary, scary knives! Well, I’m not becoming any sort of techy sewing machinery writer. But I’m writing this post today because it’s exactly the post I was looking for when I was making my next machinery decision. Also hopefully my last machinery decision for quite… 

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