It’s the Great Pumpkin

We like to carve pumpkins. We like to paint them, too. Especially when we have a large blank canvas that begs to be pumpkinified. Like this one that has been calling out to me since I first saw our house for sale, saying “Paint me! Paint me! PAINT ME!” It’s in front of our house,… 

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Patchwork Dish Towels: A Tutorial


aka: The One Where I Make the Mistakes so You Don’t Have To.  (you’re welcome) Happy Monday everyone!  How about we make some dish towels today?  But these aren’t just any dish towels.  They are super duper patchwork, reverse applique, seasonal, mistake-free dish towels! For 1 dish towel you will need: – 2 16×24 inch… 

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Crafty Goodies in the Mail

I got the coolest package yesterday from my friend Marta.  Remember when she guest posted here and showed us how she made this uber cool sign for her son’s room? Well, now I have some for my very own.  Well, for my kids.  But I own them and everything they own, so technically they’re mine.  Right? Times… 

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How to Look Good Naked: A Tutorial


We’ve introduced Marjorie and Eloise to you before. Except they weren’t naked. Well, today Marjorie was ready to bare it all in hopes that she could inspire others. Here she is, just the way God the factory made her. She’s brave, isn’t she? I don’t know about you, but I was not brave/energetic enough to… 

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Plaid Product Review and Easiest Shirt Ever Tutorial

Amy of Mod Podge Rocks recently teamed with Plaid and asked if I’d like to review a product of my choice.  Before her email even made it all the way through cyberspace to my inbox, I was jumping up and down and squealing YES YES YES!!! Plaid has a ton of cool new products, so… 

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The Best Friends

Now that I’m back in the states and attempting to “settle”, hubs has started traveling for work. We knew that that was part of the scenario and eventually it would be time for that to happen. I was blessed as far as his departure in that I was at a vacation spot with family and… 

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