Black Friday Fiver: Figgy’s!

crafterhours friday fiver figgy's

Happy day after American Thanksgiving! Or, as everyone else in the world calls it, FRIDAY. It’s time for a FRIDAY FIVER and because it’s “Black Friday” in the US, this one’s a BIG ONE! This week it’s not our usual one great pick, it’s ALLLLLL the great patterns by Figgy’s! It’s EXTRA AWESOME that it’s all… 

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The Sloan Leggings | A New Pattern!


I’m so excited to introduce you to my new pattern, the Sloan Leggings!  The Sloan Leggings come with a ton of options so you get a hard-working, versatile pattern and more bang for your buck!  There are separate patterns for tall, regular, and petite inseams, and you can make them in full, 3/4, or capri… 

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A Sewing Machine for Kids – Janome Sew Mini

Sewing machine for kids - Janome Sew Mini crafterhours review

Has your child asked to use your sewing machine? If so, you’re probably also familiar with the feeling of simultaneous heart-swelling pride (YAY! THEY LIKE SOMETHING I DO!) and the jab of a knitting needle straight through same said heart (OH DEAR LORD. NEEDLES). You’re torn. You want them to try it. And love it…. 

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Friday Fiver: Delia Creates!


Do you know how long we’ve had this one up our sleeve?  MONTHS!!  And now it’s finally here!  I’m so excited to finally share today’s Friday Fiver – it’s the Natty Jane from Delia Creates! This is quite possibly the cutest thing you’ll ever make.  Can you even imagine how hard you’d win if you… 

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Friday Fiver: Love Notions!


I think if there was a common theme to many of the patterns you’ll find here at ye olde Friday Fiver, it would be comfy, easy to sew, versatile, and probably knit.  Today’s deal is all of those things and more.  It’s the Samson Sweater from Love Notions! The Samson Sweater is a knit top… 

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