Friday Fiver: LouBeeDoo!


Friday Fiver coming to you a little late because of technical difficulties, but I’ll make it worth your while because it’s the BIMAA!!  And not only the Bimaa, but the updated, new and improved and extended-sized Bimaa!!!  How happy did your Friday just get? Sarah from Loubeedoo crafted what is now one of the most… 

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KCW: Kensington goes Lumberjack


Let’s just get this out of the way – this is my favorite thing I’ve ever made.  I say that about many things I make and it’s always true.  Don’t try to make sense of it, just trust me.  My 8 yr old here deserves the credit though.  She saw an ad for a Free… 

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Friday Fiver: Sew Pony!


If you sew for a little girl in your life and you’re planning on joining up with KCW next week, have we got a Friday Fiver for you!  It’s Debbie’s Birthday Dress from SewPony!   Debbie’s Birthday Dress is a sweet retro inspired little a-line dress with some cute seaming and embellishing options.  With such a simple… 

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Friday Fiver: Sew Caroline!


Your Friday is about to get 100% more amazing!  That’s a scientifically calculated fact.  And I don’t think I’m letting any cats out of bags if I go ahead and tell you that all of the Fridays in the foreseeable future are looking pretty stellar. Today you can get your hot little hands on the Out… 

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12 Scrappy Projects to Sew for Baby!

crafterhours 12 scrappy projects to sew for baby

There are two things happening at my house that bring me to post things to sew for baby. Well, I guess I should say “here are two of the things happening at my house right now”. 1) My scrap jar is overflowing and 2) not only do I have a baby to make things for,… 

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Friday Fiver: RETRO MAMA!


You’ll love today’s Friday Fiver from Retro Mama! I was drawn to her when I was looking for a fun nursery project for my littlest girl. Kim’s style is bright and fun and adoooorable, and today you can grab up the cutest Fall patchwork project anywhere! This is the time of year to start snuggling… 

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